A Love Letter to Local: 9 Ingredients We Source from Granville Island

There’s nothing quite as French as a macaron, is there? These exquisite little pastel-coloured cookies evoke all of the beauty and pleasure of Parisian culture. Making them has always connected us with our French roots but our macarons also connect us with the home we’ve found in Vancouver, and specifically in Granville Island. That’s because we’ve always chosen to source as many local ingredients as possible for our recipes.

We like to think that our macarons represent a beautiful marriage between the place we left behind, and the community we’re now so lucky to be part of. We love Vancouver, and we absolutely love Granville Island!


So, without further ado, here are a few of our favourite Granville Island things, and the reasons why we include them in our macaron recipes.

  1. Pink Endeavour Gin from Liberty Distillery

 This is a fine gin with boldly botanical flavors that pair ever so well with the sweetness of the macaron. It also gets bonus points for being pink and cute.

  1. Maple Syrup from Maples’ Sugar Shack

We think this is the best maple syrup in BC. It’s single origin, meaning it comes straight from a maple stand and isn’t blended with other, inferior syrups. The flavour is richer and more complex.

  1. Candied Pecans from The Nut Merchant

This candied pecan has just the right level of spice. And the crunch is impeccable.    

  1. False Creek Coffee from Origins Coffee

This is a strong dark roast coffee made right here on Vancouver Island. Sometimes you need a coffee with real punch.  

  1. Smoked Paprika from The Grainry

The Grainry is staffed by real spice experts, so their smoked paprika really delivers. It’s delicately fruity with rich, woodsmoke flavours.

  1. Buckwheat Honey from Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey Ltd.

In BC, we have a bonanza of wildflowers. Wildflowers, of course, promote biodiversity, making it a healthier planet. And the bees that feed on these local flowers create the most delicious honey we’ve ever tasted. Plus, did you know that eating local honey can help reduce allergies, because over time you become less sensitive to the pollen in it?

  1. Sake Kasu from Artisan Sake Maker

We use this paste to make delectable sake macarons. It’s a natural by-product of sake that has a truly unique flavour. Think floral plus umami. You have to taste it to get it.

  1. Jasmine Tea from Granville Island Tea Company

How could we not have a tea macaron when our store is right in front of the wonderful Grandville Island Tea Company? This green tea is fresh, complex, and classic.  

  1. Aged Gouda from Oyama 

Oyama is famous for their fresh sausages, and that’s what we originally went to them for…but then we discovered their aged gouda. Wow! Rich, nutty, with just the right amount of crunch. 

We hope that the next time you come to get your favourite macaron, you also check out these culinary treasures we listed. (Or even go on a Vancouver Foodie Tour — we can’t recommend this one-in-a-million Vancouver experience enough!)

Our neighbourhood is so rich in chefs, bakers, curators, and makers. We’re so proud to be part of it. Bon apetit!

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